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Home Renovation – Paving Way for an Eco-friendly Home

Environmental friendly alternatives always add to the quality of life. The closer your choices are to the nature, the better the returns you can expect from it. Living in a world experiencing the fury of nature due to the reckless activities of human beings, being environmentally responsible citizens we should do our part towards paving way for a greener tomorrow. Brisbane home renovation guided towards making homes more eco-friendly can be a wonderful initiative towards this goal.

Eco-friendly homes are energy efficient, healthy and totally comfortable. By increasing energy efficiency with the greener alternatives for homes, energy cost can be reduced significantly. There are many ways to re-design your home and give it a greener ambience. Give way to natural lighting and wind movements as much as possible. Instead of air conditioning the whole house, you can choose to use fan. This can drastically cut the energy costs. The greener home renovations should aim to achieve maximum insulation for the house. From windows to the walls, go in for the installation of insulating technologies wherever possible. Use solar energy to power your heaters and install solar panels on your house to use renewable alternative for energy. Avoid using incandescent bulbs and change to the energy efficient compact fluorescent lights. The plumbing devices should be designed to minimize the use of water. Ventilate homes properly to avoid the building up of moisture. If your home renovations include flooring changes as well, choose greener alternatives like certified wooden flooring, stone flooring, etc. Design to make maximum of the natural lighting and work with recycled building materials wherever possible.

There is a myth that greener alternatives always cost you high. This is purely a wrong concept and there are many green alternatives which cost less compared to their counterparts. Even if you choose a particular eco-friendly design which cost you high, remember that it will only benefit you in the long run as eco-friendly options minimize energy costs and have very low maintenance requirements. Greener home renovations add value to your home and benefit the environment and society.

Going eco-friendly is a smart move which will benefit both you as well as the environment. Renovations aimed in this direction are praiseworthy. A clean and safe environment is the responsibility of mankind. Every effort should be taken towards creating a better place to live in. If a green renovation is what you aim for, speak with the builders and choose those who can be a part of your vision.