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Home Decor Items That Are Prohibited to be Shipped to Australia

When you are planning to send items to Australia via shipping company, do keep in mind about the items that are strictly prohibited. The shipping company does not assume any responsibility for quarantine restrictions. Quarantine checks are necessary then to ensure that all the items entering Australia are safe and free from any disease and pest carrier.

Most of the eatable and agricultural products can be released by the government after treatment and checks. Most of the meat products, dairy, agricultural, plant and animal based products etc are restricted by law.


Packages of cardboard which has been used to hold fruit or packaging material made of straw are strictly prohibited. To protect your home décor items you need to pack it securely in bubble wrap before shipping to Australia.

Used beds, slippers and other old and used items cannot be allowed in to Australia. The shoes are allowed but these need to be marked with the country of origin and use certified leather for getting the imports restrictions averted during shipping. Novelty erasers and many rubber

Outdoor furniture

Wooden furniture concealing timber pests and are subjected to quarantine investigation. Soiled items which have been infected with disease causing germs and items containing organic residues also cannot be imported.

Australia prides itself in its unique environment and keeps other continental pests and germs from entering the country. You need to check with the Department of Agriculture or DAFF before importing home décor items to Australia and get sufficient quarantine checks done.