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Home Cleaners Do Clean One Room At A Time

House cleaning, let’s face it, is always a chore. Keeping your home tidy is the best way to make it easier. Try to train all members of the family to put their toys, tools, and clothes away every day. If this is not possible, have a one-day-a-week tidy, where each person is responsible for his or her bedroom, plus one other room (a bathroom, the hallway, the shed, the garage, etc.). Use labels where necessary to make it obvious what should be hung where, and be sure there is enough storage space or storage boxes to put things away in. If you can, store clothes in an attic or other space when they are out of season.

When it comes to cleaning bedrooms, do it on the day after tidying and, again, try to have everyone do their rooms. Give them a home cleaning checklist or task list, which might look something like the following:

�Strip the bed and put linen in the washing machine, or laundry basket.
�Take down the curtains or drapes and either wash them or have them dry-cleaned or laundered professionally.
�Wipe or brush window frames, including inside the tracks and around the edges.
�Wipe over the curtain track, inside and out.
�Dust blinds one slat at a time, from top to bottom. Wipe with a damp cloth or polish using an appropriate fluid.
�Take all items off the shelves and place on the bed.
�Dust top of the wardrobe, all shelves, windowsills, and other surfaces.
�Wipe above with damp cloth, or use a lint-free cloth and polish appropriate to the kind of surface.
�Empty, wash and dry pen pots and other items that may gather dust inside.
�Replace all items tidily on shelves.
�Vacuum carpet, mattress, valance and any chairs in the room.
�Use wood polish and a lint-free cloth on all wooden furniture.
�Clean door and drawer handles; wipe over with a disinfectant and polish where necessary.
�Remake bed with clean linen.

Amazingly, having a physical checklist makes the whole process much easier, and, if they like, everyone can check off each task as it is done, which gives him or her a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Once or twice a year, make space in the freezer and place pillows inside it for 24 hours. This helps keep them free of the tiny bugs that live in all beds, no matter how clean and helps prevent respiratory problems caused or exacerbated by allergic reactions.

When you do your home cleaning in stages or areas, everyone should be involved, and take responsibility for at least one room. That way, all the house cleaning chores are shared and get done in next to no time. Also, all family members feel pleased with themselves for having completed the job, and are more likely to look after their personal space responsibly, for a while at least!

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