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Having a Style Guide for your Business Printing Needs is Important

In the world of corporate printing in Sydney a web style guide acts as an institutional memory. Employment opportunities are getting a new look everyday.  Both the employer and employee can be benefited from this.

Legal Responsibilities

A style guide can aid a company in meeting its legal responsibilities.

Style guides are needed for distributed authoring of various intranet sites.

Conforming to Standard Web site Naming Convention

There is often no definite policy regarding default content pages for web site directories. The world of corporate printing should stress on following the standard web site naming convention. It makes it convenient for a site visitor to find out the table of contents page easily. It also helps in finding out a file after it had been renamed.

Language and spelling

The preference of the client should be kept in mind. Some people insist on a formal tone. There is a wide group of client who use social media and they have a different set of requirements.

There are certain words that sound more professional.  Most official sites ask writers to use that language which is more appealing to the customers.  Suitable use of punctuation determines the length of a sentence.

English is spelt differently in different countries. Words should not create any ambiguity in the minds of the client.


Proper proofreading is very essential.  A company owes responsibility to any piece of communication sent out by it. Overlooking any information might harm the image of a company.

So a lot of time and patience should be invested in creating a suitable style guide for the business organization