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Glass Pool Fencing Compared

Glass pool fencing has become more popular these days compared to the other pool fencing available in the market. Although there are still some who are under the misconception that glass pool fencing is quite dangerous because the material appears to be fragile, there are some who have already tried it and have found its advantages. So what is it with glass pool fencing that it is now chosen over the other pool fencing available? Let us try to compare it with some of the available fencing and find out.

Glass vs. PVC. PVC is frequently used around the swimming pools. This type of pool fencing is said to be the best when it comes to privacy fences. Like glass, it is also durable and does not require high maintenance so, most people choose this kind of pool fencing. However, the downside is, since this is the champion when it comes to privacy, if you have kids by the pool area, you have to be with them the whole time to monitor their safety. Unlike with glass pool fencing, even when you are indoors, you can still see the pool area because of its transparent material.

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© www.nextgenerationfencing.com

Glass vs. Steel. Steel is also one of the frequently used materials for pool fencing. This is also known to be durable and good when it comes to privacy. The problem with steel, however, just like any other metallic fencing, this material rust overtime. Therefore, you would need to have it repainted over and over to restore its aesthetic value. Needless to say, steel pool fencing requires high maintenance. Unlike with glass pool fencing which does not almost need to be maintained, not to mention easy to clean. Do install an outdoor umbrella on your pool area.

Glass vs. Wood. Wood is also one of the pool fencing material that is quite famous. This material is known to be the least expensive of all the pool fencing types, especially compared to glass and PVC. Furthermore, this type of fencing can be repainted with any colour, thus, you can always match it with the furnishings around your pool area. However, this material requires more maintenance, as it rots overtime, so you have to replace it once it begins to rot.

Apart from durability and safety, there are a lot more benefits that you can take advantage of in choosing Frameless Glass pool Fencing. It gives more aesthetic value to your pool area, giving it an elegant and more pristine look.

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