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Get Rid of Termites

Known as “white ants”, Termites aren’t remotely related to ants however they are much more dangerous. Termites feed on dead plants material and the closest form of dead plant for these insects is ‘wood’. Termites tend to find their way inside homes and tend to feed on anything that’s wood such as tables, beds, book shelves and most dangerously your entire house. Initially, their infestation may not even catch anyone’s naked eye until a few years, as their process of infestation is slow but fatal. To ensure that your house is termite-free, there are few steps you could take in order to prevent and get rid of them.


Subterranean termites

Drywood termites

Damp wood termites




There are 3 effective ways to get rid of termites infestation:

Permethrin – Permethrin is a pesticide that is safe for people to use in order to get rid of termites permanently. The best use of this chemical is by mixing it with paint or glue and brush it on the floor, walls or wherever there might be termite threat. Be sure to buy pharmaceutical permathrin made for humans to use and not the one used in farms.

Nematodes – Nematodes are small worm species that are poison to garden pests including termites. Using these worms is best if you are trying to get rid of a minor termite infestation as this is not an ideal solution for serious or large termite infestation. These worms basically use termite larvae as hosts and set into them. Since they are poisonous to termites, they end up dying within 48 hours.

Professional Exterminator – If the termite infestation has gone way out of control in your house, it is best to take assistance from professional exterminators who specialize in getting rid of termites permanently. Be sure to run a thorough research and call for a service that is reputable and provides 100% satisfaction.

Prevent Termites from Recurring

Wood that comes in direct contact with mud or moist dirt is the path through which termites make their way into the wood. Try to eliminate such a structure wherein the wood is in direct contact with the ground.

Use spay such as Bora Care and Boric Acid as they are naturally toxic to termites. These two solutions may completely diminish the presence of minor pest infestation as they are highly poisonous to termites. They are also perfect to be applied to walls and floors as a prevention aid from termites.

Take two flat cardboards and damp them. Place them at a termite prone spot and be sure to set them at two different places. Let it stay there for a couple days and check again. When the cardboard is infested with termites, burn the cardboard at a safe area away from the house.

There are times when doing house extensions are much better than building a new home.