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Formal Dinner Party – What to Wear?

Dressing up for occasions is an art but it is not difficult to choose just the right outfit to suit the mood – both yours and that of the party. Wear what you are comfortable with and be confident. Aim to achieve the dressy yet casual look.

If you have chosen to wear a pant suit, you can opt for flat pumps or leather shoes instead which will be more comfortable. The chick sheath or frills beg high heels in a matching colour. Long dangling earrings will enhance the dressy feminine look. For a more formal feel you can choose stud earrings.

Blow dry your hair in an elegant style or wear a simple pony tail but do put in a little effort to do your hair.

Light makeup on your face and neck will nicely complete the look. Depending on whether you are wearing a dark or light coloured dress, apply dark or light foundation but make sure it matches your natural skin tone. Trying to make a dark skin look fair with light foundation only serves to make it look worse.

All in all the basic rule of the thumb when dressing for a formal party is to go with your own natural look and enhance it a little with the right Evening dress, accessories and make up. You should aim for a casual yet dressy look. So go get dressed and have a great time.

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