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Forklift Drivers Encounter That Cause Illnesses

Forklifts are heavy machinery which has heavy vibrations. The long term exposure to heavy vibrations may result in spinal column diseases which are manifested in the lower back pain.

Long term sitting and whole body vibration lead to muscle fatigue and lower back problems which may later result in kidney disorders, digestive pains, high blood pressure and impotence. You need to educate your drivers about these ill effects periodically and encourage frequent rest stops.

There is a resonance movement of the stomach at frequencies more than 4 Hertz which results in severe muscular craps, heart burn and digestive disorders. High frequency vibration also result in hyperventilation, increased hear rate, pulmonary ventilation and other circulatory disorders.

Forklift drivers are exposed to a variety of problems through unstable seating, whole body vibration and hazardous chemicals and pollutions at the work place. This heavy machinery is unstable and requires immense concentration while operation and these contribute to the stress associated with the work place.

Overturning of the forklift

Forklift is very unstable and there is a good chance of tipping over if the load is unevenly matched. If the forklift has overturned the driver should desist from jumping from the machine as it may cause severe injuries or even death.

The best option is to tighten your seat belt and stay within the truck while leaning in the opposite direction of the overturn. If it is a stand up type of forklift you can exit from the rear entry access by stepping backward.


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