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Features of a Portable Solar Panel

With the extensive usage of electrical power these days, the production and management of power turns to be one of the challenging issues for the country. The major production of electrical energy is contributed by the non-renewable energy resources. Nevertheless, renewable energy resources contribute considerable amount of electrical power in the total production of the electricity, as in the case of solar power.

Solar Panel

Harnessing the enormous energy of the sun is very important in light of insufficient electrical power and the need to use it economically. One of the methods to trap solar energy is by the usage of solar cells, which are also called photovoltaic cells. These cells activate upon the incidence of solar light on them.

A large collection of such small solar cells arranged and connected in a particular fashion make a solar panel. So it implies that the solar panels work under the proper incidence of solar light and thus yield solar power.


Solar power is the result of the conversion of solar energy to electrical energy within the photovoltaic cells. Majorly silicon is the component used in such photocells, as it serves as a best semiconductor. With the purpose of trapping the maximum light, reflectors are used with a solar panel. The panels are well packed and are provided with a good physical protection.

Alignment of solar cells

Although the purpose of all the solar panels is to harness solar power, the capacity of production differs with the connection pattern of the solar system.