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Famous Surf Town that You Need to Check

Finding a perfect location for a water sport activity is easy. There are various places in the world where you can do wakeboarding, water skiing or even use your ski tubes! What follows are some of the famous places for water sport activities.

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Tofino, British Columbia

Columbia may be considered the world spiritual centre but the world’s most favourite surfing destination lies high towards the north of America’s western coast. Tofino is a small town, very close to nature, offering the opportunity to surf in the wild settings. Most of its surfing sites are suitable for the beginners. Local guides are always ready to help you should you get into trouble in waters. The weather in the Winters is extremely chilly. It’s the spring and summer season which makes it much more pleasurable to hit the sea. You will get a pretty wide time frame to enjoy with your ski tubes as the sun rises there at 5 in the morning and doesn’t set till 9 at night.

Bundoran, Ireland

Famous among the surfers as the cold Indonesia of Europe, Bundoran is a magnificently cool place to surf. This is a dream destination for the surfers who love to take their surf boat in the chilling waters. The best time to come to this part of the world is between September and November when all the tourists are gone and the climate gets a little warm. Though the days are cold here normally, the clubs and food courts are pretty warm. For a small town, Bundoran offers a plethora of delicious foods. Stay will not be a problem as a number of affordable hotels or accommodation apartments are available in the vincinity. You can take the help of locals to discover the real Bundoran as the town is surrounding by many side, refabricated for tourists.

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