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Facts About The Lavender Plant

There are just endless reasons why most people choose lavender plants as one of their most favorite plants. Lavender plant is not only for aesthetics that can enhance your front yard or even decorate your place; they can also exude the sweetest smelling aroma. Every morning, you will be greeted with their refreshing aroma and it will surely contribute for a good day. Aside from that, lavender is not only good as decoration or enhancement but they also have a number of great uses. For one, you can use them as an ingredient of lotions, they can be utilized when baking, tea making, gourmet and still many others. For some, they even consider their lavender plants as fields of dreams. Actually, if you get familiar with them, there is indeed no reason for you not to like these amazing plants.

So, if you are planning to grow lavenders in your front yard or wherever is more convenient, here are some helpful tips for you:

–    Since these plants are Mediterranean, you can therefore choose a location where they will be hit by the heat of the sun for at least 8 hours a day. Just see to it that such location is sheltered so that they will not be damaged by winds. If possible, lavender plants are best suited near walls or large stones for them to obtain more heat.

–    Again, because they are Mediterranean, they hate damp places. Thus they should be planted in light soils where aeration is excellent.


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–    So, for you to start your lavender planting task, purchase lavenders from accredited plant suppliers. There are already a number of agencies that are supplying them thus it pays to be wary in choosing one. You can start by checking online so that you will right away see their available plants aside if lavender is one of them.

–    Once you have the plants ready, you can now dig holes for each of them. The hole must just be enough for their roots as they grow best in cramped places. Thus if you choose to plants them in pots, see to it that the pots will just be big enough for the roots to spread in each side as well.

–    Before planting the lavender, you need to prepare the soil first for better results. You can do this by putting in two handfuls of pebbles or small stones, and one half cup of lime along with manure that is well composted. Mix this well then cover the mixture with light soil. Before transferring the lavender from its original pot, water it first the make sure that the roots are fully hydrated though it should just be enough to avoid dampness.

–    With that all done, prune the stems lightly to ensure air circulation, then you can now remove the lavender from its original pot. Shake the roots before planting to make sure that there is no excess water.

–    Lastly, if you are going to sow more than one lavender plant; see to it that they are at least 36 inches apart from each other.

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