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Exercise Styles to Avoid

That exercises are essential to keep a body is an age-old well-known fact. Exercises not only keep the body fit, but also prevent the body from various kind of diseases, and not to mention, reduces the extra fat from your body. However, certain exercises, such as body building, do more harm than benefit. Such exercises have to be avoided for both males and females. Having a trainer for using exersize equipment is advisable

Exercises to be Avoided

Certain exercises harm your body more than providing benefits. Whereas some exercises can be suitable for males, those are harmful for females, mainly because of the differences in body conformation.

Body building

Body building is one physical exercise that women must avoid, unless opting to participate in a weight-lifting championship. Even for men, too much of body building will make you look like an alien. While exercising is good, everything requires moderation, and if you do not know when and where to stop, you will face sever health issues.

Huge muscles

Muscle can make a man look strong and protective, but too much of muscles can give you the appearance of a balloon ready to be pricked with a pin. Not only the physical appearance, this is harmful for health as well because of the over-increased blood circulation. Sometimes, you will see veins denting out of your muscles when you put excess stress on them; while the might look good initially, they will give you serious trouble later on.

Weight lifting

Weight lifting no doubt increases your muscle strength, but too much of everything can spoil the entire effort. Weight lifting increases your muscles, but you must follow allow yourself to lift up weight according to the strength of your body. You should not lift weights that are strenuous for your body, not only will that give you a weird look to your body, but also will be very harmful for your health. Ask your doctors’ advice regarding body building supplements.