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Essential Information about Skylight



Some people think that Brisbane skylights is a luxury. But if you will think about it and consider its purpose, then you would think otherwise. This item for your home will save you gas or electricity as it can provide natural air as relief from too much heat and sunlight as your natural light rather than use electricity. It is not just for aesthetic but more of its functionality in the home. It is much like a window but it is installed on the roofs.

The types:

1) Fixed skylight– this type cannot be opened nor closed. If you think this is not a good thing, then think again. Its main purpose is to give your home the extra sunlight it needs during daytime. So rather than turning on the electric light, it is better to use the natural light.

2) Manual venting skylight– you can open this item at your home manually if you want fresh air to enter your home. This is very useful during the summer months as air can circulate better and coolness can be felt without having to turn on the electric fan or air conditioner. This is also very ideal in the kitchens and bathroom , just open the skylight so moisture can be released from the bathroom. Too much moisture is the perfect place for molds and mildews to propagate.

3) Electric venting skylight-this is similar to the manual type but this type uses an electric motor in order to open and close it. This is ideal for those who have children and senior citizens at home as they can easily open and close it.

4) Tube skylight– this is ideal for those who live in small spaces as it does not require the construction of tunnels. This is also used in attics as the tube that comes with it is very flexible and can be bended in areas that have obstructions, such an in the case of an attic.

Fixed vs Vented skylight

The fixed one is the type that cannot be opened nor closed while the vented one is the opposite of the fixed skylight. The advantage of the fixed type over the vented type is that it is leak proof. The fixed type is already sealed once it is bought from the store. However, the advantage of using the vented skylight is for moisture to be controlled especially in bathroom and in the kitchen.