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Energy Efficient Products for Industrial Power Transmission

Whether you are looking to save energy, cut down on running costs, decrease operational time or reduce operational glitches, there are several products available in the market to help you do so. If you select the right branded equipment offered by a reliable manufacturer you can be sure of reaping the benefits for years to come. A large range of AC motors are available in the market. These are usually use in industrial companies.

Sprockets and Bushings based on the Taper-Lock Bushing Mechanism

Polychain GT2 sprockets and bushings are your best bet if you want uninterrupted heavy load power to reach your machines during operations. Such sprockets are made from nickel plated stainless steel for robust strength. They are designed using the industry-proven Taper-Lock Bushing system which keeps the sprocket hubs narrow. This ensures a minimum length to bore dimension so that the sprockets fit easily into shorter shafts leaving plenty of room all around. The design has a left-justified hub that allows shaft mounting adjacent to the bearings. This keeps the centre of the load dimension minimum thereby preventing glitches and other issues that are common with high transmission loads. You can install and remove such sprockets easily as these are flush mountable and have no flanges that jut out.

Poly Chain Carbon Synchronous Belts

If you want to reduce your energy consumptions further, you can install poly chain carbon synchronous belts that can save almost five percent on your energy bills. Such high-grade belts also reduce maintenance issues by reducing overhung loads during transmission. The belts are inert to harsh chemicals and acids thereby making them ideal for industrial use. You can use them in innumerable ways with different machines as they don’t stretch over time and need no lubrication.