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Effective Ways to Ensure you have a Green Demolition

A green demolition or an eco friendly demolition is not actually a demolition, it is deconstruction. If you genuinely care about the environment then you will be concerned about reducing wastage when you are getting your property demolished. Don’t put the demolition company under pressure to do the job fast otherwise they will just throw away everything into a landfill without actually checking what might have been salvaged.

Keep an eye on cabinets and sinks

Wooden and metallic cabinets can be used for a long time and are usually very sturdy. You can use second hand cabinets in garages, laundry spaces and store rooms to capture usable space. In fact you can use these cabinets anywhere where appearance is not a primary concern. Preserve faucets and sinks too as these last for a long time and can be reused more than once. In fact even if you don’t need extra old sinks and faucets you can put up their listings on e selling platforms or simply donate them.

Think about re-using appliances

Old ovens, micro waves, cook tops, heaters and other electrical appliances shouldn’t be thrown away during your demolition project. Always check whether the appliances are working well and if they are there is no harm in reusing them. If you are running on a tight budget then re-using good condition old appliances is one way you can save some cash. If you plan on purchasing new stuff anyway then at least give away your appliances to somebody who needs them.