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Easy ways to Control Wastage of Paper at the Workplace

The world is going green, and so should your office. The ideal office that everyone thinks of is stacked with piles of paper and Xerox and printing machines. But as empowered citizens of the country, it is our duty to be more environmentally conscious and to do all that we can to help the efforts to reduce environmental degradation.

We all know that more paper means more trees being cut and saving the green cover of our country is one of the first things we need to do to protect it from environmental degradation. So, how do we go about reducing our paper use?

Other ways to reduce your dependence on paper in the office

Try to keep all your business communication online. Send out paper copies only when it is completely unavoidable. E-mails are easier to track as well.

For internal meetings, if you absolutely have to prepare a handout, then you can create one handout that can be shared among your colleagues instead of printing one handout per person

When you order paper supplies, order them in bulk. This reduces paper used for packaging. You can re-use the packaging as well or send it to a re-cycle centre instead of throwing it away.

Scratch paper, or waste paper, can be used to make handmade memo pads, or notepads.

Recycling the paper used in your office

Have a recycle program in your office. Apart from paper, you can also recycle other things and reduce your carbon footprint.

Try to re-use the waste paper in your office as much as you can before throwing it away.