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Dressing up for School Excursions

No matter how much research you do about the place of the field trip beforehand, you can’t get sure about the weather conditions. It is advisable to dress up in layers than wear a single t-shirt.

Wear a long sleeve t-shirt below and team it up with a t-shirt above so that when the temperature gets higher you can put off the t-shirt and stay comfortable. In case of cooler places, you can layer it up with a jacket but choose the one that you can wrap around your waist so that you do not have to carry it on your arms for the whole day if you need to remove it.

Comfortable Footwear

Pick and choose any footwear that you are comfortable in. Given that you may have to move along with the classes all day, comfortable shoes that won’t hurt and in which you can move easily are recommended. Sneakers, chucks, boots and hiking shoes are the most preferable ones. Be it rocky, muddy, swampy or grassy outside, any of these are just perfect. Forget your heels for this day.


Don’t forget to take your hats along with you. Since in the field trips you will have to spend most of the time outside in the sun, hats will give you shade, keep you cool and also add glam to your attire.

Snowy Mountains NSW school tours are meant to be enjoyed along with your kid. You can become more aware of the social behaviour of your kid in these trips. Just be comfortable and watch your child grow!

Don’t allow your kid to bring his roller blades along because he might be injured.