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Do It Yourself Hot Water System

Before you start your Do It Yourself Hot Water System project, you must first understand the principle of hot water system, being a process of thermodynamics, using a source of energy to raise water temperature from normal temperature.

Water commonly heated thru the use of water heaters, pots and kettles. Often made of pottery, stainless or copper, as these materials tend to conduct heat fast thus as a result, tend to heat water fast. It is a given that there is no such thing as a source of heated water or Hot Water System, even the usual hot springs water tend to cool down as its water flow away from its source.

Think; there are a few that can provide an incessant supply of hot water. Commonly are water heaters used in tubs and shower. Go check the construction and understand how such work. Same principle can be used in your Hot Water System project.

A simple Hot Water System project you can do using the principle of heated tubing. You can go to any depot or DIY center and buy a few meters of copper tubes, wind it and put it in a metal container, cut a hole from the bottom part of the container and put a burner in that portion. Attach that burner into any form of gas tank or should the burner be electric powered. This will be the source of heat from which the copper tubes will conduct heat to produced hot water. One end of the copper tube attached to your water source and other is the outlet for hot water, may it be a water line towards your bathroom or any container. This Hot Water System project may not give a huge amount of hot water nonetheless would be sufficient enough for residential use.

Searching the Internet, you will find a few more ways to heat those copper tubes. One idea you will find is through an old barbecue grill, run the copper lines inside the grill, thus be the heat source to heat the tubes. Depending on the size of the grill, you may wind a number of copper winding, more winding and longer tube would mean larger capacity of hot water produced. For a common household, this charcoal powered grill Hot Water System project would suffice a few gallons of hot water needed for a day of use. Else, you may want to run an electric grill for easier usage.

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