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Different Types Of Carpet Cleaning Services

From time to time it is necessary to have your carpets cleaned, and the most effective way to get this done is by hiring carpet cleaning services Perth. Over time microscopic organisms known as dust mites gather deep inside carpets, and only special cleaning techniques can reach the deeper levels of carpets to get rid of the dust mites. In this article we will be going over the main methods used to clean carpets and rugs to meet certain needs.

The least effective and most outdated technique used to clean carpets is through shampooing. Cleaning companies that use shampoo typically apply a shampoo mixture made up of detergents that is later agitated with a special carpet-cleaning machine. Once the shampoo has soaked in for a while the cleaners will use a vacuum cleaner to suck everything from the carpet. This leaves your carpet with a great smell and it usually looks much brighter than before, but usually a lot of the microbes and dirt isn’t extracted. The leftover dirt usually reappears once the effects of the shampoo begin to fade.

Most cleaning services also make use of a dry cleaning method to clean carpets. This is much more effective at removing dirt and carpets won’t have to be left to dry afterwards. A special powder is worked into the carpet that has the ability to cling to the dirt inside the carpet. After thoroughly working the powder into the carpet it is then vacuumed out leaving the carpet fresh and dust mite free.

The foam technique that can also be applied and can be seen as a mixture of the two methods mentioned above. The cleaning companies apply a foamy substance that is designed to absorb all the dirt in the carpet and then vacuum everything out. This does not fully soak the carpet so it dries much quicker compared to when the carpet is shampooed. This method is pretty effective and is the most commonly used among many cleaning services.

For a bigger building that has big carpets, like a commercial building, carpet-cleaning services will usually the bonnet carpet cleaning method. This method is used for more of an appearance boost than actually cleaning the carpets thoroughly. It is a much more cost effective way of cleaning carpets but can also cause some damage the carpet fibers. A strong chemical detergent is applied to the top of the carpet and then removed by applying a rotary carpet shampooer machine that absorbs the detergent and dirt.

The last method, but also the most effective is the steam cleaning, or hot water extraction method. Most companies will use a specialized machine that sprays a solution of detergent and hot water deep into the rug or carpet. Directly afterwards the machine will then vacuum everything back out which leaves the carpet extremely clean and looking brand new.

These above mentioned techniques are what the typical cleaning companies will use to clean nearly any kind of dirty rug or carpet. The method used depends greatly on what kind of carpet or rug needs to be cleaned and also what kind of budget is available.