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Different Dry Carpet Cleaning Methods

A carpet is a modern necessity in our houses today. It provides a certain sense of luxury and comfort in our homes. With the different weather seasons, having your carpet wet cleaned at times becomes a challenge. Well, that is unless you happen to own more than a pair to replace the wet one. During winter, having a warm carpet is crucial to most. Not to worry, here are a few dry carpet cleaning tips:

  • Dry powder.

More often than not, dry powder is mixed with a cleaning solution. It’s then spread out by scrubbing on the carpet using a cylindrical brush. The scrubbing attracts dirt and grime on the carpet. When done, vacuum the powder off the carpet. No time is wasted as the process is fast and effective. No drying time is required either and before you knows it; you are stepping comfortably on a dry, clean carpet. This method can be used if expecting sudden guests or if you have inadequate time to wet clean.

  • Bonnet dry carpet cleaning.

Bonnet carpet cleaning is only effective for the top soil on your carpet. It does not get the dirt and grimes deep in your carpet so if your carpet is mostly clean, then this is the right method for you. Bonnet cleaning is associated with using the cleaning agent and club soda. The mixture is then used in a spraying manner on the carpet. Using a round buffer, scrub in rotational motion to lift off particles on the carpet.

However, this method is not recommended for smelly carpets or those that require deep cleaning. The process also takes a long time and is only required if you are looking for a fast and none tiring solution. It is also not advised to use on valued, cherished or sentimentally worth carpets.

  • Dry foam.

With dry foam, a lot of scrubbing is required. It also happens to entail a lot of strong circular motion scrubbing. Dry foam method has existed for a long time and is similar to shampooing motion. It’s effective and requires no drying time. Most dry foam equipment will come with a vacuum of its own. More likely than not, the foam dries up instantly and if any residue is left, it is very little that can be vacuumed. The method may not per say fit the classic definition of dry cleaning but it is very effective.