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Decoration of classic wedding cars

Decorating a wedding is a classical and creative way to honor the couple. To have some fun on your wedding day here are some tips to decorate your classic wedding cars.

It’s a tradition that other than bride and groom, the person decorated wedding car but result is not always satisfactory and best. Now a days, bride and groom inspect everything to make everything confirmed. If you’re a groom you are definitely searching for a classic wedding cars first that matches your wedding theme, your style, personality and specification. Next thing you are thinking of is it’s decoration and about rims and trims. If you are renting some luxurious car like Mercedes- benz then you don’t want to write “just married” only without any decoration and pretty eye catchy flowers or ribbons. But if you’re renting limo, then company provides you decoration arrangements for you. They are flexible and reliable but check them too not to make things messy. Decorate it with silk ribbons and flowers. Balloons give cute look to your wedding and it’s the sign of happiness. You need to remember it’s a wedding car it should be very classy. Give it a finishing touch with ribbon. If you are choosing flowers to decorate with, then white, yellow and pink are the best options. Try to choose seasonal flowers that goes with the theme, season and with your car color. Some people like to decorate it with blunches or bouquets of flowers. Color thread, tissues and net are also the available option for decorating classic wedding cars.

First ask to the driver and owner for the restrictions, before start decorating. Otherwise they’ll add hundreds of dollars to your bill for cleaning purpose. Don’t use the material which will damage the classic wedding cars finishing. The list to avoid includes spray paint, masking tape in bulk quantity or any whipped cream. If you are going to use tin cans then it’s compulsory to ask about it. If you are feeling it’s boring and old-fashioned to write just married then you can try something new like “Just Hitched”,  “Finally Hitched” or “Tied the knot”. Don’t stick anything that pull off paint. With the shaving cream you can write on windows. If you want to write bride groom name on window and cheer them up with your surprise decoration. White wedding themes are new in trend and you can show more creativity in wedding and in the decoration of cars. By doing some creativity you can decorate whole wedding idea perfectly.

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