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Decide on the Right Carpet Cleaner with this Simple Guide

We all wanted our carpet to be sanitise as possible. If we have a carpet that’s dust and dirt free, the longer they last than unclean and poorly maintained carpets. Aside from that, they are also pleasing to look at. Having clean carpet won’t raise any health problems like asthma and other respiratory diseases. That’s why carpet cleaning industries have come up with a wide variety of cleaning method to have a hassle-free solution. If you are thinking what are they, these are the approaches you can choose from.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning or hot water extraction is a method wherein you to spray hot water on the carpet before vacuuming it. It may be a simple job, but it requires a special machine to be provided by a cleaner company. If you requested this method, you will see how the cleaner set up the materials and connect the outlet in their truck. This is because the machine needed a bolt that can’t be provided by house electricity. This will save you more time as the carpet dries faster because of the heat and power. Contact¬†Myer Carpet Cleaning Australia¬†to learn more about this method.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is more affordable than any other method. Since you don’t need any water or solution to make this effective. You just need to have a counter rotating machine to make it work. The method is drying itself, you don’t need to wait for the carpets to dry.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaner

Bonnet carpet cleaner is one form of carpet cleaning that uses a machine. This machine has a heavy and absorbent pad underneath where it rotationally rubs the carpet. However, one must sure that the pad is not overly wet as it can attract more dirt. You also need to check the status of the pad to make sure it is still suitable for cleaning your carpet. Since the beginning, people are using bonnet carpet to clean their floor covers. Until 1970s shampoo was used as a solution but due to its sticky factor, the carpet can’t be dry easily. That’s why hot water extraction after shampooing is very recommended.


This one makes the carpet fresh, as a special detergent was used to make this clean. You don’t need to exert too much effort to vacuum it as the dirt was easily removed because of the cleansing agent.