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Cushions Types

Bolsters are round, functional longitudinal pillows that provide support to the neck. Sometimes, they even perform the function of baby crib bumpers. Bolsters are available in variety of colours and patterns.

Wheel chair cushions

They are used by individuals who are confined to wheel chair and cannot move around. Such people often develop pressures sores as a result of sitting on the wheel chair for long periods of time. Wheel chair cushions, give great relief to these individuals. Farmers use special types of cushions which are placed on the tractors when they have to spend a lot of time “in the saddle”.

Window seats cushions

In order to make the most of the living space and give a room a more spacious look, people often use built-in window seats. Cushions customize the appearance of the window seats. The upholstery material used for such cushions should be fade resistant and durable as they are often exposed to sunlight. To increase the visual appeal of the room people often use throw pillows and window cushions in accordance with the theme of the room.

Coccyx cushions and cushions used for special purposes

Waffle and coccyx cushions are examples of upholstery used for special needs or medical purposes. They play a vital role in making the patient feel comfortable and aid in quick recovery. In order to provide relief and support to tail bone, coccyx cushions have a cut out section or a hollow section at the back.

They are used to treat back pain and spinal disorders. Waffle cushions are used by patients who are bedridden and develop bed sores. They are of great help in treatment and prevention of pressure sores.

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