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Creating Memories In The Paradise On Earth

Surrounded by clear blue waters, inhabited by green parrots, majestic pines, tall tree ferns, and many other rare species of birds, animals and plants, guarded by a community of locals known for their simple and beautiful lifestyle, Norfolk Island is like a bottomless treasure chest. This serene island with a culture and lifestyle of its own makes you feel like you are isolated from the rest of the world and has just landed on what can be rightly called the paradise on earth.

The hills and luscious greenery offers a safe destination for families to relish their holidays and have fun. The island has no dearth of splendid places to stay. Family accommodation Norfolk Island can be found very easily from the sixty properties for accommodation available on the island. Wi-Fi, pool, spa, ocean view, garden view, away from the town’s bustle, you can find accommodations with all the facilities you wish for. From self-cooking in stand-alone cottages to indulging in the luxuries of private beach houses, you can choose from the exquisite list of properties for family accommodation on Norfolk Island. Some factors you look for when you stay with your family is the safety of the property, the privacy it offers, the comfort of the ambience, etc. Almost all the accommodation properties available on the island meets these requirements. From the serene Pine Valley Apartments to the luxurious Shiralee Executive cottages, from the secluded A-frame chalets at Mokutu to the very affordable cascade garden apartment rentals, you will be spoilt for choice in the island.

After choosing the suitable property for family accommodation on Norfolk Island, hire a cab to move around the petite island as there is no public transport available. Indulge in the culinary delight offered by the locals, explore the exquisite collection of birds, animals and plants on the island and shop the island made products. The Norfolk Calendar is packed with events all through the year. From music events to dance festival, from food festivals to sports tournaments, the island buzzes with activity throughout the year. So if you are planning on a vacation with your family to the island, book in advance so that you get to stay in the best property for family accommodation on Norfolk Island.

The welcoming environment of the place makes the visitors fall in love with it. The warmth of the local people and the magnetic pull of the natural beauty of the island, makes you want to visit Norfolk Island every year.