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Created by God, Perfected by Science

Plastic Surgery is a branch of medicine which involves restoration, sculpting, and reconstruction of the human anatomy. It is further bifurcated into aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. Sir Harold Gillies is the father of modern Plastic Surgery. During the First World War, many soldiers had suffered disfiguration of body parts. They had also had facial injuries. Sir Harold Gilles was an otolaryngologist working in New Zealand. He understood the trauma of the soldiers and their families. He developed the techniques of facial surgery to help them. Soon, his efforts gained momentum and the modern medicine started recognizing it as an important part of medical science.

The Australian Society of Plastic surgeons or the ASPS comprises of the best surgeons who are specialize in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries. Plastic surgery has got a wide platform. It is sub-divided into several branches of specialization. Some of the major plastic surgeries are as under.

Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery is an integral part of plastic surgery. It comprises of the surgery of the face and body parts. Principles pertaining to cosmetic surgery are applied to all the reconstructive surgeries. In some cases, isolated surgeries are also conducted to improve the appearance.

Micro Surgery

In this type of plastic surgery, the missing tissues are reconstructed by grafting a tissue and reconnecting it to the blood vessels. Head and neck plastic reconstruction, hand surgery, limb replantation, breast reconstruction, and brachial plexus reconstruction are subspecialties of plastic surgery.

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Craniofacial Surgery

Craniofacial surgery consists of adult and pediatric surgery. The pediatric craniofacial surgery involves the treatment and surgical rectification of the congenital anomalies pertaining to the soft tissues and craniofacial skeleton. Craniosynostosis, cleft palate, and pediatric fractures are covered under this surgical procedure. Adult craniofacial surgery is done for fractures and orbital reconstruction. It also deals with secondary and orthognathic surgical procedures. Craniofacial surgery is an integral part of surgical training programs.

Hand Surgery

Acute and chronic diseases of the hand usually demand a surgery. In case of some acute injuries surgery is the only option. Hand surgery is an important branch of Plastic Surgery. It features under microsurgery where amputated extremity or limb is replanted. It is also done for people who have congenital malformations involving the upper and lower extremities. Brachial plexus or peripheral nerve injuries are also corrected under this procedure. At times, after an orthopedic surgery a scar tissue forms over the surgical area. This causes impairment of the normal functioning of the digits. This is where plastic surgery becomes a necessity.

Burn Surgery

Burn surgery has to be done usually at two different levels. If it is a case of acute burn, then the surgery has to be done immediately. After the initial burns have healed, then the reconstructive surgery is done. It is done to restore the patient’s overall appearance.

The Thailand plastic surgery usually gives good results provided it is done by an experienced plastic surgeon. It not only restores the cosmetic value of a person but also helps in rebuilding confidence. Thus, man is created by God but perfected by plastic surgeons.