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Commonly Used Varieties for Wooden Flooring

Wooden floor is one of the best type of flooring that can be use at home. When choosing a wood floor, it is recommended for you to consult with professional wooden floor installers to help you choose and install the wooden floors. What follows are some of the commonly used variety of wooden floor.

Red Oak

This wood has a slight pink coloration, and the grain is coarse and forms a consistent rippling pattern. Supposed to be the most durable of woods, it is the benchmark against which the rest of the wooden flooring options are weighed for their consistency and durability. Staining the wood is also easy since it takes up the stain easily and beautifully. The only con is that the wood is not water resistant and hence cannot be used in kitchens.


Also one of the most widely used wood for flooring, it may not be as refined as a Red oak but it has its fair share of lovers. Pine wood is easy to use and can be nailed through just fine without causing any splits. The wood comes in various shades from tan to light brown, and the knots are clear pink. Bluish black sap-stains can be found on the wood.

Brazilian Cherry

The wood is salmon colored with a grain pattern that is medium spaced. However a lot of variation can be found in between different wood pieces. The grain darkens with age and prolonged exposure to sunlight. The best thing about the wood though is that it is extremely hard and can be used in foyers, hallways, and even kitchens.

Australian Cypress

Rustic and traditional, this wood has a light brown or tan coloring and the grain is wavy and unusual. Frequent black knots punctuate the wood surface and give it a very earthy look. The knots make it easy to split though, while its moisture resistance is good for kitchens.

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