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Common Wardrobe Essentials

Every woman has a white shirt or two in her cupboard. This is usually because the colour white looks good on every kind of clothing. Furthermore, it can be worn to both formal and informal events.

The typical white shirt is best for summers and Sunday brunch style events. You can find several different cuts and styles of white shirts in and around most stores today.


Jackets are another hot favourite for most women. Jackets can portray both a formal image as well as casual one. Most women team up their party wear dresses with jackets for a night out so it is easier to travel to and from their home.

Others may use jackets at the workplace to give a more corporate look. Whatever the individual preference, jackets are another essential for most women.  read more

Although these are the most common items found in Womens clothing, it is safe to say that a host of others are also part of a woman’s general wardrobe need. Other kinds of things like colourful scarves, coloured tops and though are usually based on individual preference by and large.

The Fabric

Avoid casual fabrics like jersey or denim, rather than those you should go for wool, or satin. Cashmere or merino wool is good for the top and the skirt could be satin black or coloured to suit the occasion and mood.

You can wear a silk camisole under the jacket of your pant suit for formal affairs. This will provide the splash of colour and feminine look. If you opt for the evening dress, you can choose feminine fabrics like chiffon georgette crape or even silk.

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