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Common Types of Trenchless Repair

With the advancement of technology, plumbing services has deveveloped technique called trenchless technology to fix broken sewer or pipes with less digging of it.  What follows are the two types of the trenchless technique.

Pipe Lining

In pipe lining, a flexible tube is either blown or pulled into the pipe that is damaged and then inflated. The flexible tube is usually coated with resin. The resin hardens with time and creates a pipe within another pipe. This pipe is joint-less and has a resistance to corrosion. Lining reduces the latter pipe’s diameter by a quarter inch, but it doesn’t cause you any difficulties when it comes to removing waste from your home. This type usually involves digging a hole. A pipe-liner is also called a ‘cured in place pipe.

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Pipe Bursting

If the latter pipe has joints, then pipe lining is not possible. In that case, another effective method can be used: pipe bursting. Pipe bursting can be done even on a collapsed latter pipe, provided there is enough room to pull a cable through the pipe; old pipe, that is. In this type of trenchless repair, a new pipe is pulled through the damaged one, all the while cracking the old pipe. Pipe bursting method usually involves digging holes to access on both the sides of the lateral pipe.

In the end, trenchless sewer repair can be a bit expensive. So make sure your insurance covers it. If not, you had better have a talk with your agent regarding it. Also, make sure you always hire reputable Plumbers in Pacific Pines who are licensed and who know which of the two methods – traditional or trenchless – suits your home best.

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