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Common Types of Cleaning Services

When you have your hands full and there’s so much cleaning left to do, there will always be a cleaning company ready to give you a helping hand. Whether your house or office needs cleaning, there is no job that’s too tough for cleaning companies. Here are some common types of cleaning services that cleaning companies offer to keep your homes and offices looking spic and span to owners and visitors alike.




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Housekeeping cleaning services is the maintenance of a residential occupancy. Housekeeping takes care of the dusting of furniture, sweeping and mopping of the floors and even cleaning of the toilets. Often times, these are extended to other areas such as window washing and cleaning of appliances such as refrigerators. This will ensure that the overall look of the house, shop or building will be at its cleanest. Despite the word “Housekeeping”, housekeeping does not apply exclusively to residences alone. In fact, housekeeping cleaning services are most employed by companies and offices where daily cleaning is required.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a branch of housekeeping cleaning services that will focus on the cleaning and maintenance of carpets. Usually, there are companies that offer carpet cleaning services that are entirely separate from that of a housekeeping company as carpet cleaning is their area of expertise. Carpet cleaning uses specific cleaning materials and techniques for cleaning and performing upkeep on carpets, making sure that the carpets are looking as fresh as the day they were first purchased. Carpet cleaning companies employ various carpet cleaning methods from the usual dry cleaning to the famous hot water extraction method.

Chimney Cleaning

Just like carpet cleaning services, chimney cleaning (more commonly known as chimney sweeps) is entirely separate from housekeeping service companies. In chimney cleaning, companies will do more than just clean and remove creosote from chimneys and fire places – they also perform routine maintenance on these fire places and chimneys to ensure that these are still safe for everyone’s use. Chimney sweeps may also remove animals, be it dead or alive, that has sought refuge in the chimney. These animals are often wild and should be left to the professionals Auckland Cleaner for safety reasons on both parties. Because Creosote is highly flammable and is the primary reason why a chimney catches fire, the cleaning and removal of creosote is why chimneys and fire places need to be cleaned regularly as this can pose a very dire threat if left alone.