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Common Rollerblading Injuries and Ways to Prevent them

Rollerblading has become very popular among many Australians who use this activity as a recreation and even for transportation purposes. But, though the sport is loved, many people get injuries on various parts of the body due to lack of necessary precautions which have to be taken before the activity is performed.

Causes and types of injuries caused due to rollerblading

Most commonly people love to move at high speed while on the blades as it is a sign of their efficiency. When the speed is more, the ability to balance the blade should be high and also there has to be proper coordination between the body and the blade. When they do not have this balance, they tend to stumble and shake, which leads to a fall. Also as the blades are in continuous motion, the person may not realize the moment when the brakes have to be applied. This also causes injuries a lot of times.

These falls from the roller blades usually affect the arm, wrist or the upper limbs of the body, which are very vulnerable to damage. This damage may be in the form of fractures, strain, sprain or even a muscle pull, which creates bad pain in the body. Also the head part of the body is often prone to injuries as it hits the ground first when the person falls down.

How can you prevent these injuries?

The first and foremost point to be considered before performing any activity, is securing oneself using safety equipments. These include wrist bands, helmets, elbow and knee pads, which act as a protective barrier against falls and other injuries which might occur while rollerblading. Most of the injuries can be avoided if these safety precautions are maintained.

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