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Common Equipments Used in Most Eateries

Most eateries in Australia have to maintain food hygiene and hence the use of various commercial food equipments is quite common. The commercial food equipments include catering equipments, kitchen equipments, commercial food processors, refrigeration etc. The commercial equipments in the eateries of Australia aim at maintaining the hygiene and safety of food according to the Food Standards Code.

Also, the limited space in the commercial kitchens requires space saving machineries that can be operated hassle free with minimum labour.

Commercial Food Processors

These processors constitute the major food equipments used in the eateries. They include slicers, cutters, juicers and blenders. Hospitality suppliesĀ in Australia have come up with new ranges of commercial food processors for your commercial kitchens.

Commercial Meat Slicer

Perfect for commercial purposes, these meat slicers are high quality and gravity fed and are capable of slicing a wide variety of food. The commercial slicer is generally constructed with cast aluminium and provided with removable and adjustable stainless steel blade fittings. The stainless steel blades can be removed and washed from time to time to maintain food hygiene. Some meat slicers also come with both automatic and manual switch modes.

Commercial Meat Mincer

This equipment is very commonly used in most eateries because of its heavy duty and output. Generally the mincers come in stainless steel body, removable hoppers and blades for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Commercial Vegetable Processor

This comes with a number of removable and adjustable blade fittings and can slice, shred and grate vegetables. Comes in either cast aluminium bodies or stainless steel, these machines require minimum time and labour.

Glass dinnerware is preferred over the melamine crockery for the reason that it is scratch resistant and does not stain.

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