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Clearing Up some Carpet Steam Cleaning myths

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there is no doubt that carpet steam cleaning is the best method known to date. Carpet steam cleaning has a lot of benefits including a complete, overall clean, removal of potential allergens and it even gives carpets a refreshing look! There are, however, a few misconceptions about this carpet cleaning technique. Here are some of those misnomers and their explanations.

Carpet steam cleaning is just regular steam cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning, despite its name, is not steam cleaning that we are all familiar with. In terms of carpet cleaning, steam cleaning is actually called hot water extraction method. The machines used for this technique are called hot water extraction machines and what they actually do is spray hot water all over the carpet in order to activate the carpet cleaning solutions of choice. It is them vacuumed to ensure that dirt that has been hidden deep inside the fibers will be totally removed. If steam cleaning is actually used on carpets, it would shrink the fibers due to the high heat and would result in nothing but damage. The heat used by hot water extraction method is just enough for carpet fibers to tolerate.


Carpet steam cleaning is a form of dry cleaning.

Not quite. It should be noted that carpet steam cleaning uses hot water. The hot water is sprayed in every corner of the carpet, following the carpet cleaning solution. Afterwards this is vacuumed off using a powerful vacuum cleaner designed for this specific purpose only. Notice that the vacuum will only take away the activated carpet cleaning solution and that the water will still be present in the carpet. The carpet has to be dried out completely before it will be used otherwise it will attract dirt since it is damp from the cleaning. It usually takes a minimum of 9 hours and a maximum of 24 hours to dry out a carpet that has undergone carpet steam cleaning.

Carpet steam cleaning can make carpets look good as new

While this has become a popular carpet steam cleaning myth, what the hot water extraction does is simply refresh the fibers of the carpet. There is absolutely no guarantee that the carpets will look brand new after a good cleaning session as old stains and discoloration may never be undone. This technique, nevertheless, will make your carpets look like it has been given the best bath of its life. Additionally, there are chemicals that such as stain protectors that can take care of your carpet after the cleaning session.