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Claim for Rear End Collisions

When you have accumulated all the documentation, sit down with your insurance claim inspector and discuss what you need to do to file a claim. It is better to notify your insurance agent immediately when the accident occurs so that he can come prepared for the meeting.

When you have notified the police as well as your insurance provider, they will work in tandem and the process will be smooth. Read the copy of the FIR and particularly your own statement to be sure that there are no mistakes. Then fill out the required forms and file the claim.

It is best to avoid contact with the insurance provider of the opposing party and particularly if there is a dispute between the two insurance providers, you should not speak to them at all.

Rear end collision claims are not much different from other motor accident claims and the basic guidelines in both situations are the same. Be prepared and collect as much information as you can. In between running to the hospital and having your car fixed, you may not have time to sort out the paper work but you can stash everything you gather and sort it out later. SeeĀ Motor Accident Lawyer

Certain states also impose a life time ban on applying for a driving licence again for such an offender. Penalties of such nature are needed to deter people possessing poor driving skills or careless attitude such as drinking and driving, from injuring any further pedestrians or vehicles.