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Choosing Tenants for Your Rental Property

The process of reading the tenants doesn’t stop after the conversation over phone. The process has to be continued at the time of inspection too. It is obvious that every tenant would try to prove themselves as the perfect tenant of your property.

Good Estate Property Management Agent will advise you to be conscious about the probable pretentions and try the read between the lines. From the clothes they are wearing, from the car they own, you can get a good amount of idea about them. If they are keen to take care of themselves and of their property, it is probable that they would take care of your property too.

The Two Key Questions

After the two-layer filtering, it is expected that you have good amount of idea of what kind of people the tenants are. You have read their body language, appearances, behaviour and it seems like you are okay with it. Now just put them aside and seek answers of these two questions: can they pay the rent? And can they look after your property? Now, you cannot the real picture by ‘asking’ them, as the answers will obviously be affirmative. For this, you have to put some labour and collect proofs in hard copies. To know whether they will be able to pay the rent regularly without any hiccups, ask for their previous rental payment chart, or their financial tax returns, and verify them form the respective sources.

Rental Application

Cover letter is not an essential document which you need to submit with your application. However, a nice covering letter could make a very good impression if you could cite valid reasons as to why your application should be preferred by the owner or landlord of the property. This extra effort could give you that additional edge needed to secure your preferred rented property.

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