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Choosing Plantation Shutters

Just because shutters are primarily meant for formal purposes doesn’t mean that you cannot fulfill your interior designing fantasies with them. Choose a colour of shutter that goes along well with the shades of your wall. Off-white, beige and cream are the traditional options but now there is a vibrant palette of teal, orange, green and pretty pinks on offer. Some plantation shutter manufacturers also provide striped and designed shutters though it’s best to take the advice of a professional interior designer before buying a set. If you already have curtains on your windows and are planning to install shutters which create a mix and match impact then you will have to pay attention to the colour combination of the shutters in respect to your curtains.

Check out the size

The size of shutter sets you buy should confirm to your window size. Typically the most popular shutter size is 2.5 inches but you can choose from other varieties too like the 3.5 inches louver. The 2.5 inches is the more traditional version but you can pick up other varieties depending upon your window type and the kind of look you are aiming to create. Look for Plantation Shutter Gold Coast which will measure your windows and make shutters that fit them exactly. Usually people with large airy rooms with a high roof height choose wider breadth shutters.

If you are somebody who likes to give your home a new look every year then basswood shutters are a good choice.