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Choosing Cost Efficient Splashbacks for Your Home

Splashbacks can greatly enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen and bathrooms. Protecting the wall from steam, water and dust, they give your home very hygienic and trendy look. There are varieties of splashbacks available in the market, in a wide range of colours.

Making a choice among so many types of splashbacks might be difficult for you. But you can certainly make price as a criterion, and filter the best splashback for your home.

Appearance and Colour

You can choose high gloss or low gloss splashback for your home, according to your preference. Whereas high gloss splashback will give a stylish and glamorous look to your home, low gloss splashback will give it a cool and sober look.

You can install glass or acrylic splashbacks for that purpose. They are available in several colours; you can match their colour with the colour of your furniture. If you choose bright coloured splashback, you can effectively avoid the stains left after wiping.


Besides being cost effective, glass kitchen splashbacks are easy to install and are durable. After installing them at your home, you don’t have to worry for years. They have a glass like appearance, and their added advantage is they don’t turn pale even with the exposure of sun light.

You might feel tempted to buy traditional splashback for your home, because of their low cost, but the cost gets compensated with their limited usage. The high cost of splashback pays off, because they are very durable and don’t require to be changed for a very long time.

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