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Choosing an AC – Bigger isn’t Necessarily Better

When you are thinking of replacing your old AC with a new one, thoughts of buying a better brand and a more advanced version of air conditioner for your home or office must be on your mind. However don’t fall into the common trap of thinking that the bigger an AC unit is, the better it is. The truth is that an extra large AC unit is capable of creating quite a few problems for you.

Cost issues

Obviously a large AC unit is expensive and AC installs will also be difficult. You may end up exceeding your budget when you decide to purchase a big AC. The technicians complain of difficulty when they are involved in large AC installs and repairs. Added to these facts is that your super sized AC won’t even cool your home as well as a moderate sized one. This is because the short cycles make it difficult for temperatures to go down and some areas remain warmer than others.

Humidity issues

Amongst the list of problems that an oversized AC unit brings, humidity occupies a prominent position. A very large unit of AC will create excessive humidity in your home even if you live in a moderate to dry climate. Home owners who have never experienced humidity problems before suffer from excessive moisture after AC installs of large units.

The problem is that bigger AC systems run on short cycle which translates into frequent on-offs. Dehumidification becomes difficult in these circumstances as the cycle time is reduced. This heightened humidity leads to mold contamination finally resulting in bad skin problems and other diseases.

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