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Choosing a Treadmill

If you are an exercise freak and love to run for long periods on a daily basis, then you need a treadmill with higher power. Walkers can make do with a low end treadmill with lesser power.

See if it fits inside your house

The average length of a treadmill is about 6.5 feet and it is generally 3 feet long. When in use, there needs to be a space of about two feet on either side of the treadmill so that you can get on and off it easily. The exercise area in your house needs to have ample space to house a treadmill. Even when folded, treadmills will only be half their size when open. Check to see if you have enough storage room in your house to fit a treadmill.

Ensure safety

Treadmills generally come with in-built safety measure like a clip-on safety key. Apart from this essential feature, check to see if the treadmill you are buying is child proof or not. If you have kids in the house, safety should be an important criterion in deciding your purchase.
Additional features

You may want to workout early mornings with your favorite music on, but you surely do not want to wake the entire household. Invest in a specially designed treadmill with add-ons like USB ports, iPhone docks, in-built MP3 or DVD players.

Read the fine print

The warranty on your treadmill should cover at least one year of labor charges and three years on the replacement of any moving parts.

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