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Choosing a Safe Diamond Wholesaler

The online market perhaps offers the best option of buying diamonds in bulk at wholesale rates. Visit websites of multiple wholesalers whose names crop up on your search engine. Evaluate each section of the website and understand the details provided. Reputable wholesalers who are proud and confident of their stones will provide all details regarding the colour, clarity, cut and carat (the 4Cs) of the stones in their stock. They will also provide GIA and other independent certificates in original as proof of authenticity for the stones you buy.

Always check the user review section to get first-hand knowledge on customer satisfaction and service.

Purchase from Dealers with Good Reputation

If purchasing from actual dealers, always check on reputation and reliability. You can do so by asking questions such as for how many years is the company in business and what is their customer base. Also check if the dealer belongs to any national or international trade association. Ask among friends or people whom you trust about some reliable diamond dealers they have purchased from and check these out too.

Purchase from Dealers with Own Manufacturing Facility

It’s best to purchase from seasoned dealers with their own manufacturing unit. Such dealers source their diamonds from ultramodern manufacturing facilities so that each stone offers the best in terms of quality and value. When you purchase from such dealers, you can be sure of getting unmatched quality against your investment.

Purchase from Dealers with International Exposure

International dealers who have multiple branches all across the world are your safest option when it comes to buying wholesale diamonds. Diamonds serve top-notch clients and traders across the world and their reputation and customer service is something you can trust blindly.