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Check if You Are Digital Ready

You can take the help of satellite to receive digital television services if the TV transmission tower fails to transmit digital signals to your home or neighbourhood.

Subscription TV

Majority of the subscription television services will allow viewers to access digital free to air TV channels. But once your subscription ends, they will also stop broadcasting digital channels to your TV. To continue receiving digital channels on your television set, you have to renew your subscription.

Digital TV

If in case you have decided that you will purchase a new TV, go for a digital television set that is already digital ready, as you can make out from the name itself. The advantage of having digital TV antenna is that you won’t require a personal video recorder or a set top box to enable your set to catch digital signals.

Digital TVs can be plasma screen, LED or LCD with either HD option or 3D option. You can even choose a smart television that is internet enabled. They have exceptional picture, sound and video quality but are much more expensive when compared to regular television sets.


A PVR or personal video recorder possesses features identical to set top boxes. But it has the added advantages of a play back device and built in recorder.

Set Top Box

When you don’t want to purchase a brand new digital TV to enable the switchover, you can purchase a set top box to enable your analogue television set to catch digital signals.