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Causes of a Sewer Blockage

A sewer blockage is one of the biggest plumbing problems that people have to face as waste water will not be able to go out on the proper exit should the sewers be blocked. It has to be fixed right away the minute signs arise otherwise it will lead to more problems and it may prove to be expensive and complicated to fix. There are several causes for a sewer blockage, two of which can be controlled. When identified right away, a team of plumbers will be able to identify any of these sources of a sewer blockage and do the necessary repairs before it gets out of hand.

Root Intrusion

A sewer blockage can be caused by root intrusion. Root intrusion happens when a tree’s roots go deep down into the ground and puncture the sewer pipes. A root intrusion is a common problem which can be tended to by a team of plumbing experts. What they would usually do is to gather every bit of important information such as the type of the trees present and its distance from the sewer pipes to name a few in order to make sure that when they unearth the pipes, the study they have performed is a bull’s eye.


Another common cause of a sewer blockage is grease from kitchens and this is perhaps the most controllable of all the potential root of the problems. Often times, people would simply pour down the drain the fat that is present during food preparation or after a meal has been enjoyed. Fat and grease would build up over time and harden in the pipes and would prove to be a highly effective sewer block. Professional plumbers dealing with this type of sewer blockage will know the right methods in removing and cleaning it in order to put back the sewer piping in working order once again.

Damaged pipes

A damaged pipe, which can be caused by an ill-trained plumber or perhaps a flood, can yet be another reason as to why a sewer blockage can exist. While the former can be avoided quite easily, the latter, which can come from storms, is another thing. Damaged pipes can be a challenge to professional plumbers but is nothing that they can’t solve. Armed with the knowledge and tools to fix this type of sewer blockage, a sewer can be brought to a condition that is better than it was before.