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Cause of Forklifts’ Accidents

Machines are prone to faults and damages. Forklifts also may experience some faults inside their machinery. This is why a pre-check should always be done before taking them out on the work. Poor maintenance of the vehicle is often the main reason of malfunctioning of its components which eventually lead to accidents.

Elevated forks while moving the vehicle

The forklifts operators must make sure that their forks are not in the elevated positions while they take it out for moving the objects. Such positions can cause the forklifts to get imbalanced and eventually topple on the way itself.

Lack of proper backup techniques

Backing up techniques is as important as the driving techniques. The operator must be deft in the reversing art. There may be obstacles in the path while reversing the machine, absence of the rear view mirror may make it difficult for the operator to miss the sight of such objects or uneven path, ending up in an accident.

Lack of warning signals

The accidents by the forklifts aren’t limited to themselves but they also affect the people surrounding them. This essentially happens when the forklifts ram into the people who are working in the storage facility or the dockyards. The main reason for this is the lack of warning signals given by the vehicle.

Check the tyres on the forklifts for signs of wear

Operating the forklift in one constant direction and turning the same corners can cause premature tyre wear. During the daily check, look for signs of wear and get the tyres replaced as soon as you notice any signs of wear and tear.

Fork lifts are one the must-have equipments for your construction site.