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Carport Designs

Carports are usually classified according to their width, length and height. Standard widths available are 12 foot; 18 foot and 24 foot and the carports are referred to as single carports, double carports and triple carports respectively. Single carports are good enough for parking one single small car. However, if the car is quite big and you are not adept at manoeuvring in constricted spaces you might want a wider carport. The 18 foot carport is ideal for storing two small cars and is just about enough for two mid-sized vehicles.

Standard roof lengths of carports range between 21 foot; 26 foot and 31 foot. You can also customize the length as increments in 5 foot measurements are also available. The basic 21 foot length is good enough to cover two small cars.

As far as the height is concerned, the standard measurements are between 5 foot and 12 foot. A carport that is just 5 foot high may be too short, even for a small vehicle; not to mention your own inconvenience in accessing the vehicle if you are quite tall yourself. Select a height that is convenient for you and just right for the size of your small car.

You would not want to invest in a very small carport that will have to be demolished in a few years if you need to park more vehicles. So even if you are selecting a carport for small cars, do check out the larger options and consider investing in them if you have the necessary budget and space.

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