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Care Tips for Different Kinds of Lenses

Contact lenses though popular among many and used on an everyday basis, cause a sense of risk and infection in the eye due to many reasons. Long usage, tearing of the lens and unhygienic use are the basic reasons for eye infections.

Washing your hand

Washing your hand before handling your lens is not just a habit but it is a necessity. As you use your hands for a variety of functions, it might have some amount of dirt accumulated, which is even unseen many times. When this dirty hand is used to wear your lenses, the possibility of acquiring infections are more. So, washing your hand with medicated soap and water and patting it dry on a clean towel before touching the lenses will help a lot.

Follow lens cleaning instructions

Your lens and the case should always be stored in a cool place which is not prone to dust and dirt. If dirt sits on the lens case, the lens may also carry some dirt when placed on the eye. Only use clean water to rinse the case and keep it in open air for drying. This removes all the excess water and keeps the case clean.

Visit an eye specialist

Buying contact lenses require more care than your normal glasses. The power of your eye may vary and the lenses may have to be changed if needed. This will only be known when you visit an eye specialist at least once in a year to get the condition of your eye checked.