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Car Loan

Never be influenced by lucrative offers from some companies, which are not offered by another one. The whole loan industry is inter-related. You can expect different schemes and slightly varying interest rates. If you see things like zero interest, zero down payment for one year or other schemes, just do a proper research, ask questions and only then opt for it. Don’t land yourself in trouble due to lack of common sense.


Some lenders would influence you into buying an extended warranty for your vehicle. If you are buying a car, the company would surely offer warranty, enough to last for good number of years. Extended warranties may not always be required, and are very expensive too. If you are sure about the quality of the car and the company, you need not get lured into extended warranty schemes.

Payment options

You might be aware of the entire repayment option – but it is always a good thing to ask the lender about payment options. While choosing one of the options, see how much is it within your budget and whether you need to pay extra for it.

Reputation of the lender

You should also take the reputation of the lender into consideration. You would definitely take time to decide on the best car out of a lot of cars, and the best broker from many car brokers. Same should be the case with car loans. See the reviews, ask people, search on the internet and then arrive at a conclusion. Check out Mechanics Subic Freeport!

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