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Buying Stationery Supplies

It’s difficult to make children understand that a simple notebook is as good as a fancy one and means more savings for the family. However, this does not mean you cannot indulge your child with decorated stationeries. The smart thing to do is to buy unadorned; simple essentials from bargain stores at affordable rates and decorate them at home. You can easily jazz up any notebook or file with fancy labels and colourful stickers that your child will love and appreciate.

Always Insist on Quality over Quantity

Although school supplies are not for long-term use, this does not mean you should buy the cheapest option available. Cheap notebooks with flimsy plastic covers, substandard pens that leak, poor quality colour pencils that are not child-friendly…all these may save you some instant money but in a few weeks’ time, you will have to repurchase all over again. Paying for quality means paying more at the outset but you can be sure that the supplies will last their expected lifespan (i.e. if your child does not lose or damage it before that!).


If you are using the paper for promotions, you should be extra careful. The person who reads or sees the paper should want to read more or see more. Such papers should be colourful, make colours come alive, bright, strong, thick and durable. Always see different papers to check which one looks more bright and colourful to you. If you are not impressed by the quality, you obviously can’t expect others to feel good.