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Buying a Mattress

If you are setting up a new house, your bedroom should be furnished fully. When you are buying bed cot, you will also need a mattress to sleep on. Mattresses should be soft, provide back support and be durable. There are various designs, patterns and colors in the market that suits your style. Invest on a mattress that goes with the layout of the other bed, side table and foot table.

While buying a mattress, many of us are unaware about what we should do and what should not be done. Below are a few do’s and don’ts when you are on a shopping spree for your mattress.


The purpose of a mattress is for you to sleep comfortably.  Therefore, it is advisable to lie down on the mattress so that you can feel the comfort and back support.

Always make the tallest member of the family to lie on the mattress. Only if he fits in, should you consider buying the mattress.

If you are on a tight budget, pick up coir or coil mattress. If you are allergic to dust, buy the latex foam mattress. If you want back support, invest in visco elastic memory foam mattress. If you have a disturbed sleep and do not want your partner to feel your movements, buying a pocket spring mattress is advisable.

Talk to the sales representative and ask the benefits of different type of mattress, its durability, comfort level and the price. Do not forget to ask about the warranty period for the mattress.

When you are into property or home selling,  it is advisable to remove extra furniture like beds, chairs and others. It is also important for you to install a security alarm to avoid burglaries from entering your home.

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