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Buy a Mould Free House

Before purchasing a house, carrying out a pre-purchase inspection is always beneficial. It helps you in detection of mould that may be present in the property you are buying. Moulds not only endanger the building but also create an unhealthy environment and poor indoor air quality. Hence, it is imperative for you to have pre-purchase inspections including the mould inspection done, so as to safeguard your property and health.

Mould-What is it?

Mould is a kind of fungus and contains tiny spores which cannot be seen by the naked human eye, owing to their small size. They reach from one place to another by floating in the air. The moulds appear black, green or grey and have an unpleasant mould odour which is usually musty. They have a granular, cottony or velvety texture and adversely affect the health of the family members.

What causes it?

Moulds are usually seen in poorly ventilated parts and damp areas of the home like cellars, pot plants, bathrooms etc. This is because the moulds need moisture to grow and they reproduce by means of these spores.

A large number of spores (millions of spores) are released into the air and on reaching a surface with favourable environmental conditions they quickly grow and multiply.

Outdoors, they are usually seen in lawns, gardens, bark-chips, piles of leaves and compost heaps. Moisture is the main culprit behind growth of moulds and eliminating moisture intrusion completely, is the key to destroy moulds.

Presence of moulds in house indicates pest infestations too. For your safety, ask the natural pest control Brisbane to conduct Pest Inspections.