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Busting Myths About Trade Show

It is another mistake that more participation in trade shows would provide more exposure to your products and business. Every trade show has specific target audience. So if your business deals with furniture, your participation in an auto expo would be nothing but a huge waste of investment.

That would lead your target audience to the booth and provide you an opportunity to convert them into potential customers.

Technology and Booth staff

Too much dependency on technology may also result in low turn out and lower results. There are still a huge number of people who are not very comfortable with mobile apps or digital information.

They still love to receive a printed invitation, hold a printed schedule of the events and study the printed brochures.  A paperless booth may not be able to hold attention of many customers.  Further, many organisations consider conventional skills of their booth staff are good enough for their shows. Sunshine Coast LED Scrollers will lure customers to go to your booth.

However, it is extremely important to provide proper training to booth staffs before every trade show as each show has a specific target and a specific audience. Exhibition display booth staffs are the first one to reach out to your possible customers.

They should be trained to dress properly, handle queries of the customers patiently, respond to them convincingly and should have thorough knowledge about the products and services. They should also be trained to identify the qualified leads as simply collecting creative business cards may lead to having too many unqualified leads to follow up with.