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Business Plan

Keep abreast of all the changes happening in your particular market or industry. Learn any new skills required to do your job better. Adopt any new technology or practice which will keep your business on the front line.

Plan for the Future

Keep your business plans flexible. Allow for a 10% margin in your budgets. Anticipate changes in the market and adjust your plans accordingly. Be ready to jump from one strategy to another in a blink of an eye. Have things in place so that the change is smooth and you are ready to meet your customer more than half way.


New Product

Be prepared to modify your product according to customer demands. Business services conduct regular market research to find out what the customer wants. Find out the changing trends and restructure your organization so that you can provide what your customer demands.

Know Yourself

Identify your own skills and hone them. Do not attempt to do everything yourself. Hire experts to do that they are good at. Get an account to keep track of profit and loss and hire a financial manager to handle investments. Get an expert web designer to build your website and a marketing strategist to handle your advertising and sales. You could of course outsource to business services that can help you take care of many of these aspects.

The Number Game

Even though you are not an accounts person, you will still look at the bottom line. If your bottom line is red, you too will see red! Have someone to take care of finances right at the beginning. Set up budgets for every aspect of your business. Take stock regularly – at least once a month – and ask your money man to explain the numbers so that you know where you stand.